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Imola DSM


For the Mental Health Department DP of the Imola AUSL, supporting the growth and theatre and workshop experience on the Imola territory, involving mental healthcare service users, their relatives, citizens, students and operators means extending the opportunity to carry out rehabilitation processes, but also preventing mental diseases and promoting mental health. The specific features of the theatre experience in Imola consists of the effort to create an environment fostering inclusion and social participation, to fight stigma, to promote mental health. The organisation and implementation of public plays is aimed at promoting the integration of cultures and people, concretely experimenting on possible relations, disseminating the notion that crises can be seen as a resource, an opportunity for the community to start a debate, not as a problem.

The Department's theatre activities are managed by Associazione Culturale T.I.L.T. – TRASGRESSIVO IMOLA LABORATORIO TEATRO, through a convention signed on 08/06/2009 (resolution n. SA/138 issued on 03/06/2009).


Contact information of the Department reference persons for theatre projects:

Theatre projects: Sergio Ennio
Address: Piazzale  Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere 11 (padiglione 13) – 40026 Imola
Telephone number: 0542 604274 - 0542 604275

Contact information of the theatre reference persons for theatre activities in the DSM

Theatre projects: Massimiliano Buldrini
Address: via Caterina Sforza 3 -  40026 Imola
Telephone number: 340 5790974


Servizio Sanitario Regionale - Emilia Romagna
Dipartimenti di Salute Mentale di
Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Piacenza, Forlì, Cesena, Modena, Parma, Rimini, Imola

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