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Rimini DSM


The main goals of the theatre workshops organised in the local Rimini DSM were:

  • to create an environment fostering artistic self-expression and well-being
  • to bring about the development of cultural, artistic and theatre skills as a means to promote the retrieval of general skills; theatre skills are completely detached from the psychopathology diagnosis, they rather revolve around the individual's creative skills
  • to take mental healthcare service users to places where culture is produced and outside institutional places devoted to mental health treatment, thus fostering mutual knowledge and enrichment processes
  • to promote integration in different settings, both at the institutional (school, family, other citizens) and personal level
  • to feel as the promoters of innovative cultural processes revolving around the fight to stigma.

The Rimini DSM cooperates with the Social Service Cooperative "Il Millepiedi", the "Nous" Day-care Centre (adult handicapped people) for the implementation of theatre activities.

Contact information of the theatre project reference persons in the Department:

Theatre activities:  Dott. Andrea Parma
Address: RTP "Il Glicine" via Pinzon, 324 - Igea Marina (RN)
Telephone number:  0541 331929 mobile 348 8262119
Fax number:  0541 332248

Contact information of theatre reference persons for theatre activities carried out in the DSM

Theatre activities:  Damiano Scarpa
Address: Associazione Alcantara Rimini

Reference person for "Il Millepiedi": Sabrina Monticone
Telephone: 329  0224949


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