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The Integrated Mental Healthcare and Pathological Dependencies (DAISM-DP) in Parma has been promoting rehabilitation and social integration programmes for people treated in its facilities for several years. Such programmes include several art activities in a wide range of available codes: creative writing, free artistic expression (art brut), and theatre.

Especially theatre always proves to be a strong therapeutic tool, which brings about the development and enhancement of the patient's cognitive, behavioural and communication competences often concealed by the disease, thus fostering a general improvement in life conditions, increasing the patients' self awareness and allowing them to retrieve their ability to express themselves also in a working environment.


The theatre experience allows to create relations on the territory which enable the mitigation of the mental disease stigma and bring about new forms of social inclusion and cultural development in the city.


Contact information of the Department reference persons for theatre projects:

Theatre projects: Dott.ssa Rossella Cocconi; Dott.ssa Patrizia Ceroni; ed. Stefania Rancati
Address: V.le Basetti , 13, 43121 Parma
Telephone number: 0521.393892; 0521.396450
Fax number: 0521.393239; 0521.396275


Contact information of the theatre reference persons for theatre activities in the DSM

Theatre projects: Elena Sorbi | Lenz Rifrazioni
Address: Via Pasubio, 3/e, 43122 Parma
Telephone number: 0521.270141
Fax number: 0521.272641
Artistic director: Maria Federica Maestri; Francesco Pititto


Theatre activities: Massimiliano Filoni “Giolli Centro Ricerca e Sperimentazione Teatrale”
Address: Via Chiesa, 12 - 43122 Parma
Telephone: 0521 686385


Theatre projects: Roberta Panizza "Associazione Fuori di teatro"
Address: Via Berenini, 153 - Fidenza
Telephone: 0524 515429
Fax number: 0524 515428



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