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Modena DSM


The Modena DSM attaches importance to activities targeted on disadvantaged people who want to overcome relational exclusion by establishing human relations, without preliminary judgemental attitudes toward mental disease.  Theatre activities proved to be an excellent self-expression tool in bringing about changes in the individual and social relation network of the disadvantaged. The DSM  ̶  in collaboration with the local Associations of mental healthcare service users and their relatives  ̶  promotes 2 theatre workshops: Compagnia “FUALI”-Ass. “Insieme a Noi” in Modena; Compagnia “I MAGNIFICI 8+O-” -Ass. “Insieme a noi tutti” in Vignola.

Both workshops resulted in theatre plays put on in the city's theatres and in participation in local and regional theatre festivals.

Theatre activities are managed by the associations 'Insieme a noi''- Modena and ''Insieme a noi tutti''- Vignola, through a negotiated procedure convention.


Contact information of the Department reference persons for theatre projects:

Address: via P. Harris 175, Modena; via Newton, Modena
Telephone number: 059/2134050
Fax number: 059/2134082 Rosa Ambrosino, 059/2134629 Ermanno Melati

Contact information of the theatre reference persons for theatre activities in the DSM:

Theatre projects:  Matteo Cristani
Address:  Ass. Insieme a Noi, v. Albinelli 40 -Modena
Telephone number:  059/220833,  3481389456

Theatre projects:  Primo Righi
Address:  Ass. Insieme a noi tutti , v. Bontempelli 375, 41058 -Vignola
Telephone number:  059/775797 – 059/776962


Servizio Sanitario Regionale - Emilia Romagna
Dipartimenti di Salute Mentale di
Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Piacenza, Forlì, Cesena, Modena, Parma, Rimini, Imola

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