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In 1987, the Mental Health Department opened the Psychiatric Help Day Centre (further, Day Centre). Its aim was to provide subjects affected by mental diseases with a highly protected environment, where rehabilitation activities aimed at maintaining residual skills and retrieving lost ones could be implemented. In 2000, a theatre workshop was added to existing activities (self-expression workshops, recreational activities etc.), thanks to a workshop director specialised in the field of disabilities. The Day Centre group of operators and patients had indeed came into contact with similar experiences on the territory and had understood how useful these activities could be and how easily they could be duplicated. Over time, the project's development has shown that theatre activities play a vital role, and are aimed at improving the recipients' psychological and physical quality of life. Such activities are carried out in a welcoming and stimulating group environment, which fosters the development of relational competences, creative and self-expression skills through intellectual, manual, performance activities. The retrieval of the ability to perform certain self-management actions autonomously is especially stimulated, and the patient is progressively led to increase his/her responsibility in order to foster integration in his/her family and/or in another life environment. Another specific consequence of theatre activities is the mitigation of the social stigma attached to mental diseases and, last but not least, the possible retrieval of abilities and skills that may be used in other working and/or employment environments.

Contact information of the Department reference persons for theatre projects

Theatre projects: Dr.ssa Paola Longhi
Address: Centro di Salute Mentale - Azienda U.S.L. di Forlì, P.le Solieri n. 4  47121 Forlì (FC)
Telephone number: 0543-731456  / 731455
Fax number: 0543-731483



Contact information of the theatre reference persons for theatre activities in the DSM

Theatre projects: Michele Zizzari
Address: via E. Montale, n° 12- 48015 Cervia (RA)
Telephone: 0544 986185 cell. 360 705321
Fax: 0544 986185



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