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Art and art techniques through different codes, involving music, dance, drawing, and theatre have helped innovative process to come about in therapy and rehabilitation processes.

Especially theatre is a powerful therapy tool, due to its close connection with artistic and creative expression, and the related processes of emotion-regulation and cognitive transformation. Theatre allows to stimulate, develop and enhance intellectual, cognitive, communication, relational, self-expression and artistic competences. Patients improve their knowledge of the self by playing the role of someone else, by using imagination for a creative purpose and by expressing their emotions on stage, learning to balance and manage them. They also develop their flexibility and adjustment skills, they refine their communication skills and learn how to interact in a more appropriate way in the theatre context and, subsequently, in a broader relational and social environment. Theatre also offers job opportunities. It encourages resuming education or professional training programmes. It improves quality of life. It stimulates active citizenship. It creates culture. It offers positive visibility to actors, fighting prejudices. It brings about change in those who perform and those who watch.


Contact information of the Department reference persons for theatre projects:

Theatre projects: Dott.ssa Paola Daniela Turilli
Address: via Ghiara 38, 44100 Ferrara
Telephone number: 0532 235411/407
Fax number: 0532 235480


Contact information of the theatre reference persons for theatre activities in the DSM

Theatre projects: Horacio Czertok for "A voce libera" SPT in Ferrara and  Copparo
Address: via Bulgarelli 89, Ferrara
Telephone: 3482303834

Theatre projects: Filippo Plancher for "Gli Attivi Compagni" SPT in Portomaggiore

Theatre projects: Artistic Director Alessia Veronese and Massimiliano Piva from Teatro Cosquillas for “Corte dei liutai” SPT in Cento
Telephone: 329 1332950



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