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Bologna DSM

The Bologna Mental Healthcare Service Department promotes theatre activities aimed at including art activities in the training and employment opportunity offer for people affected by serious psychological diseases.
Offering the opportunity to start theatre training was a "brave" investment on the creative and cultural skills of patients who have been treated for several years.

Rehabilitation through theatre can now take on new forms, aimed at fulfilling the patients' needs of self-expression and propose activities that are sources of pleasure and help improve the patients' relational, social and professional skills at the same time.  

Our Department's theatre project started in 2000 and brought about significant changes in the actors, who gained self-confidence and improved their quality of life. Patients who have taken part in this project have become more independent both from the personal and relational point of view; they improved their self esteem and developed communication and cultural skills.


The professional skills they developed provided them with the opportunity to have a regular, paid job. The new abilities they developed, such as being active participants in the play and perform in front of an audience, gaining their praise, allowed to radically change relations inside the patients' families and their context of origin, thus allowing to discover new roles and retrieve their ability to make projects.


The excellent outcome of this project, which resulted in two plays put on stage in two Bologna theatres (Arena del Sole and Teatro Testoni Ragazzi) and in a national-scale tour, also helped bring about significant cultural changes.


It helped extend people's common notion of the Mental Healthcare Service Department, which is now seen not only as a place where people are merely "cured", but also as a strong input for social inclusion and integration. It has also brought about a change in the citizens' sensitivity and mentality with regard to psychological diseases and created some good opportunities for a dynamic exchange with the outer world and the rest of the local community.


The theatre activities are managed by the Association "Arte e Salute ONLUS" thorugh a convention with the Mental Healthcare Service Department of the Bologna AUSL.


Contact information of the theatre projects reference persons in the Department

Theatre activities in the DSM: Dott.ssa Ivonne Donegani
Address: DSM-DP Viale Carlo Pepoli 5, 40100 Bologna
Telephone: 051.6584164 (Donegani)


Contact information of theatre reference persons for theatre activities carried out in the DSM

Theatre activities: Nanni Garella (artistic and workshop director); Gabriele Tesauri (workshop director)


Contact information can be found at 
Address: Via de' Griffoni, 4 - 40123 Bologna (BO) 
Tel 051 224420
Fax 051 2919120




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Dipartimenti di Salute Mentale di
Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Piacenza, Forlì, Cesena, Modena, Parma, Rimini, Imola

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