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The association carried out the implementation of the teatralmente.it website, with the collaboration of Cronopios and of Ms. Maria Francesca Valli; the staff of PSICORADIO manages and updates the portal's contents.

The "Gian Franco Minguzzi" Institute of Bologna coordinates the project "Theatre and mental healthcare"'s activities; it also manages the Teatralmente.it portal. We would like to  extend a special thanks to Alessandro Zanini for the creation of the banner and the Teatralmente.it logo and Ms. Cinzia Migani, the reference person of the project  "Theatre and mental healthcare" for the Istituzione G.F. Minguzzi.

BOLOGNA PROVINCE - Operational Unit for IT, Web Internet & Intranet Systems
The design and architecture of the portal Teatralmente.it was carried out by the Province of Bologna. We would like to  extend a special thanks to Simona Quarenghi and Monica Losi for their precious collaboration.

UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA, Music, Theatre and Entertainment Department
Watching the shows, retrieving memories, creating stories, prompting investigations, analysis and creating new points of view from visual inputs, from the bodies' movements. Those are the goals of our theatre critics' workshops, with the collaboration of the "Theatre promotion and information" Unit in the Music, Theatre and Entertainment Department of the University of Bologna. 




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